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Expanding and diversifying

John Honc Sr. began building seawalls in 1955 with his business, Honc Construction. He went on to have five sons, each of whom joined the family business after finishing school, bringing with them ideas for expansion. By 1977, the company had grown so large that the family decided their customers would be better served with three distinct companies reflecting the three divisions of the industry they specialized in.

John Honc, now John Honc, Sr., and two of his sons continued managing the original company, Honc Construction, as a commercial site development company. Dan Honc took the residential division, forming Honc Septic & Grading, Inc. In 2006, Honc Construction ceased operations and Honc Septic & Grading expanded once again into commercial utilities and site work, rebranding the company as Honc Industries Inc.

Meanwhile, John Honc, Jr. and his brother Damian branched off with Honc Marine. Damian later turned his focus to docks and lifts, forming Honc Docks & Lifts with Dan Stovall. John’s son, David Mulicka, founded Honc Destruction in 2003 to handle the demolition work that Honc Marine had acquired. Mulicka added Honc Recycling to the family of companies in 2015.

A tradition of integrity in marine construction

We have built on the legacy of the Honc family name, honoring the values our patriarch brought to Southwest Florida a century ago. We use high quality raw materials; employ honest, experienced staff; develop efficient, effective processes; and dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction. We expect the same from our vendors and are pleased to introduce them to you.

Oldcastle Infrastructure™ — An industry leader in engineered building solutions. Our concrete panels are mixed and poured solely by computer in a covered, controlled environment at Oldcastle, so each panel is identical and there is no question about the panels’ structural integrity.

Crane Materials International — Manufacturers of ShoreGuard® vinyl sheet pile and Gator Aluminum™ sheet pile.

Chance® Manufacturer of helical anchors for seawall stabilization.

Southwest Florida professional and industry affiliations

We support the building industry and related businesses with our membership in several professional and industry associations in Southwest Florida: