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Better built concrete docks from Honc Marine

Concrete docks and patios are ideal for clients that enjoy spending time by the water. We use premium materials, so the dock or patio will be strong and long-lasting. Our standard 9’ x 20’ concrete patio or 13’ x 20’ concrete cantilever dock features a 4,000 lb. concrete floor reinforced with rebar in a grid configuration and has a non-skid finish. The retaining walls are 9” thick, built of poured solid concrete reinforced with ½” rebar, and are 24 – 32” high, as site conditions require. The retaining walls sport a random brick stucco finish; smooth stucco finish is available upon request. One set of steps is included, with optional locations.

The concrete cantilever dock also includes five 3” x 6” x 12’ marine grade timber bumpers anchored with stainless steel bolts; and one 5-step retractable aluminum ladder.

The advantages of a Honc Marine concrete cantilever dock

Cantilever docks have a lip that extends past the seawall about four feet, while patios do not. These docks are great for kayaks and canoes but are also perfect for lounging. We do not recommend cantilever docks for properties on saltwater bodies, as the saltwater can cause them to corrode sooner than freshwater.

The benefits of a Honc Marine concrete patio

Concrete patios are ideal for saltwater or freshwater properties and are often chosen by clients that want to extend their docks with wooden or plastic docks.

At Honc Marine, we focus solely on concrete docks and patios. If you are interested in another type of dock or a boat lift, we highly recommend our sister company, Honc Docks and Lifts.