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Superior, complete marine construction project management

Since our establishment in 1955, Honc has specialized in installing and repairing concrete seawalls, docks, and patios; and alternative seawalls.

We can handle the most difficult and complex seawalls, no matter the size or location. We are able to manage every aspect of the project for you, from permitting to site clean up after the job.

Stellar customer service

When you request a proposal from Honc Marine, you’ll receive a site-specific itemized estimate so you’ll know exactly what will be installed. We strive to provide cost efficient proposals for what we feel is the best option for the structural integrity of the property.

Our Services

Concrete Seawalls

Our concrete seawall panels exceed the standard building code requirements for seawalls in Lee County. Using concrete panels and custom rebar on the cap, our seawalls are built to last!

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Concrete Docks & Patios

At Honc Marine we specialize in concrete cantilever docks and concrete patio docks, built to last with premium materials. Our sister company offers wood, plastic, and aluminum docks and floating docks; boat lifts and lift platforms.

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Alternative Seawalls

Some Southwest Florida waterfront lots can utilize sloped banks or rip rap. Alternative seawall regulations vary widely. Our professionals can help you determine the best alternatives for your property.

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Seawall Repairs

There are often multiple solutions for repairing minor seawall or dock damage, including vinyl walls, CVS pilings, and aluminum seam patches. Our experienced estimators will help you decide the best course of action for your seawall or dock repair.

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