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The purpose of a seawall is to protect your property from damage and erosion due to wave action and storm surge. Honc seawalls are built and repaired using DOT grade concrete panels. Our concrete panels are almost twice as dense as the standard requirements for seawalls in Lee County, therefore they will last longer than standard panels.

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How is a Honc Marine concrete seawall built?

Seawalls are much more complex than one would think. Each panel is installed with a minimum of 40% penetration into the canal bed, depending on the city. The panels are not hammered in place, they are jetted in by churning up the sand.

Deadman anchors are installed every 10 feet to hold back the seawall from the landward side, going back about 15 feet into the ground. These deadman anchors are built using epoxy-coated rebar and are covered in a poly pipe sleeve (to prevent rusting). One end of the rebar is tied into the seawall cap and is sealed when the concrete cap is poured. The other end of the rebar is sealed when pouring the concrete anchor.

The seawall cap is poured onsite and ties the components of the seawall together. Honc Marine uses custom stirrup-shaped rebar on the inside of the cap to add additional structural support to the cap.